Dead Letter Office

D.L.O refers to Dead Letter Office. I just saw an old program on Knowlede channel about this. Working in a D.L.O., one has to open piles of dead letter everyday to see if there is any information inside about where to send or return the letter. It sounds interesting to have a job to peep people’s life, especially when you learn about stories that you never heard. They found everything in the envelop — wig, drug, money, gum, blank paper, handmade toys, rotten fish, etc.

It is said that a man wrote a letter to a woman, and the address he put on the envelop was something like “the lady sits on the second row on the right of the first train which goes to XXX at 8:00.” The letter was transferred to the train station, and several days later, the staff heard the woman talking about the experience on the radio. Thanks to the letter, the two became lovers finally. Another beautiful story is that the dead letter staff usually return children’s lovely letters to Santa around Christmas.

However, most dead letters were end up in a shredder. Many of them were letters for rebuilding a connection of love, but they never go to the receivers’ hand. People feel more comfortable to write than say it face to face. They didn’t put their address because they are afraid the leter would be returned. It’s sad to put a 50 page make-up letter into a shredder, for one can imagine how much love the writer put in the letter.

There are still people write to themselves, out of loneliness. They said, “you never know there are so many lonely people who have to write to get comfort until you see these letters.”