the wing of wim wenders

wing of wenders

Wim Wenders is in town! How can I miss the chance to see him? So I was there. Everyone showed up today could get a signature from wenders, but when the singing started, I didn’t feel like to get one. So, I left for my dinner. However, when having the dinner outside the building, I felt sad and shed some tears. How can I become a person who don’t want wenders to sign my book? Actually it’s not about signature, it’s just that I’m suprised that my passion was gone. Since I’m supposed to be a long-time fan, I feel that if my passion can’t be found here, it can’t be found anywhere. So I wiped my tears and go upstairs again to get a signature in the hope that the process can give me some inspiration and somehow take me somewhere. That’s how I got the wing. Hope the wing can fly.


  1. pressure…it’s all pressure…
    u can fly away i’m sure, soon~
    not like me, i’m so trapped…..damn

  2. don’t be afraid so sure you can fly anywhere : )

  3. forgot to say, “how beautiful the wing is!” : )

  4. guys! I’m talking about passion!! focus!! hehehe~

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