black sheep boy

今年金馬影展有一部熱門影片叫「黯陰羊」(black sheep),因為中文片名取得妙以及博客來劃位風波,成為本屆金馬影展吉祥物。 Okkervil River有一首很好聽的歌叫Black Sheep Boy,很簡單,很憂傷,像牡蠣男孩的憂傷之死裡面的角色,只是可能年紀稍微大一點吧。跟黯陰羊沒有關係,只是突然想起來,聽了一遍又一遍。

Black Sheep Boy by Okkervil River

Here I am back home again
I’m here to rest
All they ask is where I’ve been-
Knowing I’ve been west

I’m the family’s unowned boy
Golden curls of envied hair
Pretty girls with faces fair
See the shine in the black sheep boy –

If you love me let me live in peace
And please understand
That the black sheep can wear the golden fleece
And hold the winning hand